Pilates for a Healthy Life

Those living in Westernized countries today face a lifestyle that includes easy access to fast foods, as well as snacks that are loaded with salt and fats. The low costs of this foodstuff, combined with a sedentary lifestyle and increased time pressures have resulted in what can only be described as an epidemic of heart disease, obesity and indeed diabetes. The fact of the matter is that - as a whole, those in the Western World are merely getting unhealthier and this is taking a toll on both mental and physical health.

Both nutritionists and doctors have agreed that the human body needs a balanced diet, exercise and plenty of rest to perform at an optimum level. Movement like Pilates and other exercise is especially important - supported by a healthy diet. Pilates exercise keeps the cardiovascular system operating at peak efficiency and allows the tissues to be kept nourished by oxygenated blood and also assists in the elimination of toxins from the systems that regulate health.

Living a healthier lifestyle that takes these factors into account can have a multitude of benefits that also include mental well being.The fact is that a healthy body means a healthy mind. Those suffering from chronic ailments caused by an unhealthy lifestyle will just not be at the peak of their mental agility.

A healthy lifestyle can help prevent some ailments. These can include a reduction in the possibility of suffering from a stroke or heart attack, as well as the effects of diabetes. Also, a healthy lifestyle easily reduces the risks of almost every type of disease. Leading a lifestyle where exercise and correct eating habits are prioritized can also improve life expectancy. It improves the quality of life as we get older. That quality of life is greatly influenced by the health of our bones and joints, as well as the connective tissues that allow us to remain flexible as we age.

All these factors contribute to a better sense of self-worth and self-esteem and a positive mental attitude which are both essential for a fulfilled personal and professional life. A more healthy attitude and actions also increase our ability to cope with stress - a problem that is increasingly affecting many in our modern world.

Eat more healthy foods and follow a balanced diet and engage in regular exercise including Pilates, and the results will become almost immediately apparent. A better life starts with a proactive approach to health.